Stop the Tears

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The Crying Stone Movie

2012 is a big year for the organization. A professional cinematographer will visit Kenya with our group to document the needs of Kakamega City.  We hope to show examples of a functional orphanage, primary schools, secondary schools,a center for the deaf,  a Women's HIV/AIDS Center, patients with Jigger infections, and document the first marathon in Kakamega City, Kenya. We want to show the typical life of a Kenyan child illustrating the challanges and barriers to conquoring poverty. During this visit we wish to reveal the difference an education may make in the future life of a child, how much it costs to provide the education, and then determine how barriers to achieving these goals can be overcome.

The Crying Stone movie is a documentary which shows the struggles of the elite Kenyan marathon runner, Williams Chapia Tete, and the path he took in order to become an international athlete and compete in America. It will contrast the unique challanges of training for the marathon in Kenya marathon. As a contrast to an American runner.
Orphan Tears is a documentray short about the hopes, dreams, and future prospects of a Kenyan orphan showing how one lives, what one eats, what it's like to attend school, and what future holds for an orphan with and without an education.
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